How We Pick the Top Ten

Many people have asked us how we go about picking the top ten entries. Some have asked out of curiousity. Some have asked trying to find a way to get their entry on the top ten. And some have asked, disappointed with our previous choices.

The technical details

Various scripts collect all of the entries in a big list for each subject. After a subject has been up a week, other scripts present all of the entries to Christian & Scott with the names removed. The best ten of this list are then selected and sometimes similar entries are grouped together. The scripts then add back on the names of the submitters whose entries were chosen and the new page is automatically generated.

Lists are posted on the Top Ten List on Monday and Thursday of each week. We try to get the new list up between noon of the day before and noon of the day of the list (Pacific Coast Time). Usually the lists are up by midnight between Sunday and Monday and midnight between Wednesday and Thursday. Due to complicated schedules, sometimes the lists aren't selected until late Monday or Thursday afternoon. However, we try our best to have the lists up by Monday and Thursday mornings.

The judging

Humor is a very subjective judgement. Obviously this list is our opinion of the most humorous entries of the week. We do not add entries to the list that were not submitted via the web, nor do we look at the names of the submitters when selecting the list. If your entry has not been accepted, please be assured that it is not due to any malice on our part. We don't know any of the submitters outside of their entries on the Top Ten List.

We receive over 500 submissions for each subject. This means that far more than 10 funny entries must compete for the final spots. Often there is no clear ordering of the entries. However, we try our best to find the ten that made us laugh the most, but this often means throwing out suggestions that were still really funny. We don't do this out of spite.

The list is intended to be funny for everyone reading it. As such, we try to keep the amount of crude language and strange references down to a minimum. Please, if you have any suggestions or comments, we would be happy to receive them via e-mail at We try hard to respond to each e-mail received.

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