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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You've Overstayed Your Welcome

(submitted by sexychick)

10. Heated, whispered conversation seems to suddenly stop every time you enter the room. (sexychick)
9. Changing all the locks, and forcing you to enter through the windows was irritating enough, but galdarn it, hiding the bigscreen AND the fridge was just plain unnecessary... (Poppa don' take no newfangled big-time wrasslin'...)
8. Common questions like "Would you like a drink?" are replaced with "Would you like to get out of my house?", "You know, get out of my house.", and "Hey, here's a funny idea, get out of my house." (Poppa' dont take no smart-ass overstaying comunist parties)
7. Your hosts start folding the hide-a-bed while you're still in it. (Warlok)
6. There are locks on the bathroom and kitchen doors. (xavierC)
5. Your host has installed parking meters in the driveway. (Maniac Bob)
4. You happen to notice all of your personal effects are being offered up on "E-bay"... (Poppa don' take no newfangled big-time wrasslin'...)
3. Doggone it! This is the twelfth day *in a row* that Amway and the Jehovah's Witnesses have interrupted you alone, while everyone else was at work... (Poppa don' take no newfangled big-time wrasslin'...)
2. Your 'continental breakfast' consists of a moldy pear, a stale muffin and rancid orange juice. (irishboi)
1. You keep waking up on the front lawn, surrounded by all of your belongings. (sexychick)

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