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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Lessons Christian and Scott Have Learned after Five Years of C&S ITTL

10. No matter how bizarre, obscure, or unlikely the topic, the internet will always come through. (Tass)
9. Almost everybody thinks they are funnier than they really are. (MAR)
8. Three out of fifteen times, Waldo is in the upper right hand corner of the page. (Nikki)
7. Listing the interactive top ten list on a resume isn't as impressive as they thought it would be. (JAT)
6. It's going to take another five to reach their goal of taking over the world. (Nikki)
5. Sometimes a seemingly good idea can turn into an astonishingly horrific waste of time. (Fluff)
4. David Letterman's lawyers have no sense of humor. (Maniac Bob, Darkpaw, IcerLeaf)
3. You can run a popular internet site without making any money at all. (JMC)
2. "Psychology of The Top Ten" is not an acceptable dissertation topic. (Maniac Bob, Rock-Doc)
1. Not all people who run top ten lists can get hot girls. (k.a, JAT, Crazy Jon)

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