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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Improve Canada

(submitted by /Bob)

10. Replace that stupid maple leaf on their flag with a flaming moose skull. (dtrane)
9. A nice big hug and handshake with every border crossing. (Fluff)
8. Quit coloring it pink on all those world maps; it looks better in earth tones. (HotMamaJ)
7. Put it in the microwave and set it on "defrost." (k.a)
6. Ban the word "aboot." (DA maNA)
5. Remind them they could be neighbors with Mexico. (Warlok)
4. Change its name to "United States Jr." (RCCola)
3. Give it a single national language, Frenglish, which is English spoken with a really snooty French accent. (JMC)
2. Runaway global warming will make Great White North into a beautiful tropical paradise. (Waldo)
1. Attach huge booster engines to it and move the country down to the southern hemisphere to find out if polar bears enjoy the taste of penguins. (JASADA3)

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