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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Jane Fonda and Richard Simmons Should Get Married

(submitted by Samson)

10. Exercise fanatics are like toxic waste: it is easiest to contain them and protect the general populus from them if you concentrate them in one location. (DracoDei)
9. With luck, they'll exercise themselves into oblivion. (rorschak)
8. It'll Confirm everyone's suspicions that Richard Simmons isn't gay and Jane Fonda really is a lesbian. (JeffNMadsDad)
7. New Workout Sensation: Draft-Dodging to the Oldies (MsJulianne)
6. They'd become the custodians of the world's largest collection of leg warmers. (HotMamaJ)
5. So they can have breed children for Barney's sing along (k.a)
4. Abs of Flaming Steel (Steve Weiss)
3. Afro hairstyles will sweep the nation, lovingly dubbed the "Fondoo" (justin damian'sbud)
2. They could make a workout tape, "Queens of Fitness." (KYNDA FUNNY)
1. They could start their own T.V. show call Jane and Rich and do a heck of a lot better than "Will and Grace." (xman)

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