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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Year's Party Tips

10. Make sure you know the correct time zone; nothing is more embarrassing than yelling Happy New Year at 11:00. (The A Man)
9. Great time to remember to do that annual flossing (Bob Clemmons)
8. When you have to kiss the person next to you, try not to be in prison. (Tom)
7. Make sure the gaspacho matches the carpeting - before the party starts. (Pertinax)
6. When the host says, "Get out the noisemakers," do not drop your pants. (Bob Clemmons)
5. Do not do anything involving a block of cheese and an Oldsmobile. (Slowpoke)
4. When selecting a designated driver, make sure they are willing to stay after midnight. (The A Man)
3. Last halloween's jack-o-lantern makes a great chip bowl. (MissyGirl)
2. Remember, always buy the goat a drink before you sacrifice it. (The great AaronMan)
1. When the four horsemen of the apocalypse show up, avoid gloating "See, I told you this was the real ending of the millenium!" (Y2K +1)

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