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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Stop Global Warming

10. Replace all automobiles with Fisher-Price Big Wheels. (JAT)
9. Get every guy to do things to get icy stares from the females in their lives. (Captain Klunch)
8. Now the daily minimum glasses of water you should drink is about 13. That way, if the iceburgs melt, there'll be room. (Nikki)
7. Everyone in the world will flap their arms at the same time and start a breeze. (marimba mama)
6. Avoid those pesky UV rays altogether and blow up the sun. (Sir Donut)
5. Poke a few more holes in that pesky ozone layer to let the dangerous gases escape from our atmosphere. (JAT)
4. Build as big a catapult as your backyard has room for. Buy all of the "large" bags of ice at 7-11 and lauch them into the ozone layer. (JDaii)
3. Be sure to switch off the sun whenever you leave the room. (Maniac Bob)
2. Frozen Margaritas - and lots of 'em (TBeeber)
1. We have saran wrap, and we have astronauts. Fix the Ozone!

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