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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You've Been Working Too Late

(submitted by Louise Stanley)

10. even the voices in your head keep telling you they need some sleep (cough syrup warnings are for sissies)
9. Your 40 hour work week is obtained within 2 days. (JAT)
8. You try to shoot people that pass by with your stapler. (Scott)
7. You can always find your car in the parking lot...because it is the only one left. (sexychick)
6. You pick up a carton of milk on the way home and it has your picture on it. (caffeine43048)
5. Your boss sends out a memo about employess trying to make him look bad by staying here till sunrise. (sexychick)
4. Everyone else thinks 4am is "early", you've taken to thinking of it as "late". (Waldo)
3. You walk into work Friday morning, and you are getting ready to leave when you look at your watch and you say "Whoa, Monday already?" (SPLAT)
2. The boss walks in and says "I like a hard, dedicated worker that comes in early to get the job done." and you haven't even left the office yet. (SPLAT)
1. Your wife won't even accept the excuse that you're having an affair. (Lumps)

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