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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Penguins Can't Fly

(submitted by Flap-Flap-Thump)

10. Penguins are actually really small killer whales that kept beaching themselves. Eventually, some of them evolved legs and voila. (theopholis)
9. Why fly? They're already south for the winter. (GMann)
8. The U.N. declared a no-fly zone when they became suspicious that the penguins might be building weapons of mass destruction. (mjolnir)
7. They are flying, but they're carrying the Earth so it doesn't fall into the sun. (The Radical Moderate)
6. Nobody bugs the damn flamingos! Why don't you bug them for not being able to fly? huh, huh? Go bug the flamingos!! (S.A.F. (Students Against Flamingos))
5. They must be afraid of heights: why else don't they grow legs? (mud puppy)
4. Strangely enough, their radar signature is identical to an ICBM. They were shot out of the sky so many time, they now choose to walk. (JDAii)
3. They are weighted down by the Linux logo and all the coder credits. (Warlok)
2. Provisions in the tux rental agreement prohibit it. (Foofie)
1. Part of the collective bargaining agreement with ostriches, turkeys, and chickens known as the Flightless Fowl Act of 1799. (JAT)

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