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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs The NFL Is Going Downhill

(submitted by Trevlyn)

10. Demolition derbies at half-time. (starWill)
9. Celebrating in the end zone after a touchdown has been replaced with writing letters to the opposing team thanking them for not being quite as good as you. (theopholis)
8. New team names are getting really bad. Next year, the three new startup teams are the Idaho Potatoes, the New Mexico Cockroaches, and the New Jersey Men-Without-Necks. (theopholis)
7. Too many players missing games because they couldn't make bail. (JDAii)
6. Muderers, druggies and rapists are finding other jobs. (the king stag)
5. Sponsored by TAMPAX. (Weiser)
4. The latest new team to join the league: the Dubuque Wheat Farmers. (Geoduck)
3. It's getting to expensive to keep bailing the players out of jail. (changawonga)
2. Referees are given 3 lifelines before deciding the calls. (JAT)
1. The Phillip Morris company refuses to sponser them. (JAT)

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