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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons for Requesting a Tax Filing Deadline Extension

(submitted by Seepy A.)

10. Still trying to figure out how to deduct $1384 spent on Pokemon cards (jdaii)
9. "With the DEA and ATF knocking on my door at all times, how was I supposed to work on my taxes?" (Sir Donut)
8. You purchased a new refrigerator in 1999 and now you have to fill out the extended 1040I Form for people who opt to make ice cubes with in-door ice makers. (theopholis)
7. "I lost my kid at the mall while Christmas shopping. Does he have to be in my possession in order to claim him as a dependent?" (JDAii)
6. "My money won't be laundered in time" (Ackhack)
5. Your terminally ill rich relative who has you in their will won't be dead until AT LEAST May 1st. (Prefer Nottosay)
4. You haven't yet gotten your reciepts from all the donations to the "IRS retirement fund" (The Griffon Master)
3. You've spent the first quarter of the year writing your new book "Tax Evasion for Dummies." (theopholis)
2. Having trouble booking flight to Argentina, need more time (Did I say that out loud?)
1. New source of income (ie, multi-millionaire husband) fell through at the last minute (Tass, Ackhack)

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