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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for All that Y2K Stuff You Stockpiled and Now Don't Need

(submitted by doofie)

10. Sell it on ebay, baby. (Graeystone, greta, Warlok)
9. An interpretive, generator-and-canned-goods art exhibit, with a free cup of bottled water for all who come see it (Laffman)
8. Next New Year's Eve, have a canned sausage and water party. (Steve Weiss)
7. Toss it at the people who told you that you needed it. (Steven)
6. Next years Christmas presents (Sky Call)
5. Bury it in that $50,000 emergency shelter you built. (Darkpaw)
4. Melt all the candles down and seal the air out of your neighbour's house. (sexychick)
3. Emergency flares make great candles on your loved ones' birthdays. (inthedark)
2. Open a canned-corn-and-peas wrestling pit and charge admission. (sexychick)
1. Sell battery power to TVA. (Norm Shelton)

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