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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Least Successful Websites Ever

(submitted by Trevlyn)

10. (7-Iron & Bob)
9. The Everything You Need To Know About The guacomoletreehousebeehive frog species #2 Website (avacado)
8. The Code 404 Collection: "Page Not Found" Messages From Around the World (Maniac Bob)
7. (Sky Call)
6. -- lick the screen for many wonderful flavors (JellyBelly)
5. Win a date with Al Sharpton (Cisko Kid)
4. International Snot and Phlegm Museum (A. Nonimus)
3. An "Imagine Your Own" website (theopholis)
2. (Chicken)
1. The IRS's "Turn Yourself In for Tax Fraud" home page. (Waldo, IcerLeaf, Neptune, A. Nonimus, thx1138)

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