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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Facts About Ireland

10. It was once "Fireland" before the F got burnt off. (The Griffon Master)
9. Its National Garment Accessory is the lapel pin. (ardnax)
8. Its national color is actually magenta not green. (Cisko Kid)
7. The Blarney Stone was a joke created when Patty McLarty bet Durbish O'Harny he could get a tourist to kiss a rock. (mjolnir)
6. Erin Go Bragh was a famous Irish soccer player. (theopholis)
5. Instead of eating corned beef and cabbage on St. Patrick's Day, most Irishmen just prefer to get together and play gin rummy. (theopholis)
4. The Druids did in fact have magical powers, but those powers were useful for nothing other than making extremely large sundials. (Chimerasame)
3. St. Patrick's real name was Patty O'Furniture (GC3)
2. Leprechans taste like chicken! (Damian McNugget)
1. They've been in stiff competition with the british in a contest called "who has the blandest food?" (DA maNA)

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