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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons Gas Prices Are Rising

(submitted by SKANK)

10. OPEC trying to complete "Offical OPEC Pokemon Card Collection" (Earl deFou)
9. It covers the cost of an investigation put forth by all major petroleum companies that asks, "If it's liquid, why is it called gas?" (Ilsoap)
8. A last-ditch attempt by network executives to get us to stay home and watch TV (Maniac Bob, thepholis)
7. Practical joke on SUV owners (Uncle Yoohoo)
6. OPEC employees raised prices to offset their prepay costs for the New IBM Game Console. (Boom Oy!)
5. It's a retro seventies thing. (thx1138)
4. Cartel member have just received the syndicated broadcast of the "Who Shot J.R." episode of Dallas for the first time and are really upset at how we treat oil company barons in this country. (Konga Karl)
3. The little known 50% 'Road Kill tax' which funds a program to replenish species too slow to get out of the way. (lefty)
2. Just a misunderstanding: Exxon's newly-hired female exec thought she was supposed to "break the gas ceiling." (Maniac Bob)
1. To maintain the high quality cleanliness of gas station restrooms (Fred the Frog)

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