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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Rick Rockwell and Darva Conger Should Get Back Together

10. They should remember the good times, because once, they had love.... oh wait (DA maNA)
9. Do we really want her to pose for playboy? (changa)
8. Between the two of them, they might have a personality. (mjolnir)
7. They would each get what they deserve. (TBeeber)
6. Jerry Springer has jaded the populace; it takes something really tacky to get people's notice anymore. (Sweet potata pie)
5. The rest of us should feel that at least someone else has a worse marriage. (Maniac Bob)
4. To not do so would make a mockery of reality television programming. (thx1138)
3. As pathetic as it would be, it would be more exciting than hearing about Monica Lewinsky's new personal trainer. (Michelle)
2. Sooner or later, Regis is going to crank out another millionaire and then another and the competition for Rick will get stiffer and stiffer. (FOXboy)
1. In order to fufill the terms of the agreement, Darva and Rick both require 5 more minutes of the promised 15 minutes of fame. (The Radical Moderate)

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