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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Richard Simmon's Top Ten Pet Peeves

10. Not understanding the appeal of the Man Show. (Warlok)
9. Can't post up on Michael Jordan, no matter how hard he tries. (Laffman)
8. People just don't seem to take little curly-haired hyperactive men in Spandex seriously anymore! (Divia)
7. When the washing machine fades his pink shorts. (cisko kid)
6. People that say the "white man afro" is going out of style. (DA maNA)
5. Fashion designers just don't take satin shorts seriously these days. (JDaii)
4. They don't make tank tops and gym shorts in silk. (Life is a joke)
3. Embarassment that those Tai-Bo health nuts can kick his oldies-sweating health nuts' asses with both hands tied behind their backs. (Waldo)
2. Constant use of the term 'gay' in reference to homosexuals. He's gay like really happy, you know? (rorschak)
1. All those people who just listen to the oldies instead of sweating. (SERRAta)

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