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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You Drive Too Fast

(submitted by theopholis)

10. You hit a lot of "orange" lights. (Ash)
9. You have to tune the radio up one click to counteract the Doppler effect. (Warlok)
8. You have the Roadrunner dangling from your bumper. (JAT)
7. Bugs wind up imbedded in the windshield, not just splattered onto it. (starWill)
6. You're getting volume discounts down at traffic court. (TBeeber)
5. You have a collection of hummingbirds smashed in your car grill. (JAT)
4. You blink and miss your exit... by 3 states. (DracoDei)
3. You red out every time you make a sharp right. ("Almost")
2. The car makes a shimmying sound at 150 mph. (Scuba Steve)
1. You've removed the floorboard in your car so that you can push the pedal "beyond the metal." (Boom Oy!)

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