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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs Your Professor Is Losing It

10. Returns your paper with a G- grade. (failing history)
9. "OK, students. Today we're going to teach turtles how to fly." (theopholis)
8. The final counts for "25,000% of your final grade." (Sir Donut)
7. He lectures on how to build a radio from coconut shells and bamboo, the value of vine as an electrical conductor and keeps mumbling on about someone named "Mary Ann" who use to bake one helluva coconut creme pie. (JAT, tritonman, mjolnir, Waldo)
6. Requires everyone do the "Hokey Pokey" before each lecture, because "That's what it's all about!" (srp)
5. She replaces the final with a group hug session. (Geeta )
4. He starts spitting spit wads at the students. (SPLAT)
3. Post it notes are plastered to his forehead and they all read 'TAKE THE RED PILL! TAKE THE RED PILL' (zeeb)
2. He brings two record players to class and manipulates the records back and forth while delivering his lectures in rhyme. (Randi Radio)
1. Instead of using an overhead or slide projector the prof stand stands in front of the class lecturing while looking through a ViewMaster. (keryx)

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