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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Misconceptions about Canada

(submitted by Benzeneman)

10. Toronto isn't the nation's capital, but who really cares? It's Canada, for crying out loud! (Faux Pas)
9. One day a bunch of guys were fighting and hockey was invented because a game broke out. (Laffman)
8. Canadian currancy exchange rate was invented as a marketing ploy to attract tourists. (JAT)
7. Vending machines in Canada do not accept Canadian coins either. (JAT)
6. That we are beer-swiiling, hockey playing pascifists....we ARE NOT! (fat nat)
5. Pumps at the gas stations include "unleaded," "diesel," and "maple." (starWill)
4. The national anthem "O Canada" is actually dedicated to the Irishman who discovered the country, Shamus O'Canada. (GC3)
3. It's really only about the size of Connecticut. The curve of the earth makes it look bigger. (El Barton)
2. That there is only one season- Winter...Its not true! There is Winter, Still Winter, Almost Winter and Construction. (Nikki *Canada's Sweetheart*)
1. At one time, North Dakota was part of Canada, but sold off because it was "not desolate or godforsakenly boring enough" (Faux Pas)

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