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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs It's Time to Take Down the Christmas Decorations

10. Your tree is so dry that you almost started a fire walking past it in corduroys. (Warlok)
9. Why take 'em down when Christmas is eleven and a half short months away? (spoofme)
8. You've lost at least one of your children in the pile of needles under the tree. (inthedark)
7. You've started to rename your decorations to coincide with other holidays (e.g., the Valentine's Day wreath, the Easter tree, the Independence Day dancing Santa...). (theopholis)
6. The sunflowers growing in your garden keep turning toward the glow of the lights on the house. (~!~)
5. You are afraid prank-playing trick-or-treaters will snip the wires on your bush lights. (theopholis)
4. when you don't put up any halloween decorations, because the christmas one's "will do just fine." (incubus)
3. It's the third time now an airline pilot has mistaken the christmas decorations on your roof for runway 7 on LaGuardia Airport. (Thomas Palsson)
2. Neighborhood kids have started calling you "The Crazy Christmas Light Man." (theopholis)
1. Someone has moved into your Christmas tree with a sign that says "save our virgin forests." (greta)

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