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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Learned From Watching MacGyver

(submitted by Geeta)

10. The Chernobyl disaster could easily have been averted with a good, old fashioned, Hershey's Bar. (Boom Oy!)
9. Ink pens are the perfect diameter for splicing cut fuel lines and repairing your busted jeep. (Troco)
8. A first name isn't necessary to be successful. (Dance free young man)
7. While you may not be able to conquer the world with it, a blade of grass and some sand sure do make one helluva bomb. (KK)
6. Women are strangely attracted to men who can diffuse nuclear weapons with a handful of paperclips and a wad of gum. (JAT)
5. Never give a prisoner access to paper clips, thread, or broken glass. (lefty)
4. Outside a Swiss Army Knife, Physics is your best friend. (Sean & Matt)
3. That you can survive a fiery explosion or a plunge into oily seawater and STILL have good hair (Mo)
2. Guns are for the feeble and weak! (Sir Donut)
1. That suspension of disbelief is a powerful weapon. (Warlok)

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