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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Lies Your Parents Tell You

(submitted by nathanN)

10. Your belly button is the knot where they tied the rubber band that holds your arms and legs on (and if you play with it too much, it will come untied and they will fall off.) (Motobyhycle Pro)
9. Sure, all the other parents make their kids sew Kathy Lee sweat shirts. (One Tough Needler)
8. Don't worry, your REAL friends won't laugh at the haircut I gave you. (Demolition Man)
7. The handcuffs are for any burgulars that try to break in. (Javert)
6. Meager increases in allowances were NOT based on the CPI. (JAT)
5. To hell with the directions son, we can build this bicycle from scratch! (Christo!)
4. You know son, I was a real cool dude back in my day. (Christo!)
3. One day you'll regret not having learned trig. (DK)
2. That's just an electric ear cleaner. (afox)
1. What's this crap you're listening to? When we were kids, the lyrics meant something and bands had good musicians. (Maniac Bob)

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