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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs It's Time To Switch Dentists

(submitted by The Radical Moderate)

10. Come to find out that lovely pearl necklace the hygienist was wearing is actually made from human teeth. (JAT)
9. Bills you for "xrays" after the dental hygienist sticks a Mag-Lite in your mouth. (Cap'n Coeurageous)
8. Filling a cavity involves a Sears Craftsman drill, some JB weld, and whiskey for the pain. (Smilee :))
7. After the exam, instead of giving you a new brush & a pack of dental floss, he offers you a box of taffy and a case of coke! (G-nicest)
6. He keeps repeating "eenie meenie minie moe" before pulling those wisdom teeth. (One Tough Cavity)
5. Unable to locate the lead apron, he opts to hold his hand over your privates during the X-rays! (G-nicest)
4. After cleaning your teeth, he carves his initials in your gums. (El Barton)
3. "The pointy tool goes round and round! Round and round! Round and round! The pointy tool goes round and round! All through the mouth! Everybody! The electric drill goes..." (lonelyto25)
2. He keeps using the suction tube to get change out of your pockets. (Cisko Kid)
1. He only offers three choices of material for fillings: tissue paper, silly putty or cotton. (Cisko Kid)

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