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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You're Having a Bad Day

10. The day started with you saying "What can go wrong today?" and before noon you already have more than 50 answers. (Sheila)
9. You scream at your co-workers for moving your desk then you realize you're in the wrong office. (JAT)
8. You're halfway through your bowl of breakfast cereal before you notice the 'flakes' are moving under their own power. (Geoduck)
7. You call your wife at the office and she says, "Lendel, I told you never to call me here." ... and your name isn't Lendel. (theopholis)
6. You actually anticipated hitting the cat, swerved, lost control, and drove your car into the police station. (7-Iron & Bob)
5. You show up for your world cruise, and a member of the cheery staff hands you an oar. (Bob Clemmons)
4. Boyfriend calls at 3am in the morning, thus ensuring that tomorrow will be a bad day as well. (Lady Gay)
3. Not only do you run into your boss at the mall, after having called in sick for the day, but you run right into his car (with him just getting out of it) as you try to make a clean get-a-way. (Sweet potata pie!)
2. The only visitors you get were sent by Janet Reno. (Uncle Yoohoo)
1. You're not laughing at this list at ALL. (DK)

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