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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You May Be Living in a Sitcom

(submitted by One Tough Remote Flipper)

10. Your living room is trapezoid-shaped. (BullFrog)
9. The room turns a spooky blue whenever you switch off the lights. (BullFrog)
8. Your dinner party of eight all sit on the same side of the table. (Laffman)
7. You are hot, your two guy friends are hot, your three female friends, who always talk about other guys they've slept with, are *jesus christ* hot, but no sex happens ever between the six of you. (Clingerpratt)
6. You never really noticed it before, but you don't have any front walls. (El Barton)
5. You always think of smart, funny comments just when you need them instead of hours later when no one is around. (al)
4. Every time your popular uncle enters the room, there is a long session of cheering and clapping in the background. (Q-Man)
3. Your hot babe of a neighbor actually talks to you. (theopholis)
2. All your friends and neighbors speak in witty one-liners. (Maniac Bob)
1. The annoying "aaaawww" that accompanies every emotional moment of your life. (Silly Willy)

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