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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Least Popular American National Monuments

10. The National Giant "We're number one" foam hand. (DA maNA)
9. The Least Popular American National Monuments Museum. (avacado)
8. Times New Roman Square. (RCCola)
7. The Historical Cheese Monument located on a farm in Wisconsin. (Hick N.L.)
6. Tipped-Over-Rock-Formation-Thingy-That-Sort-Of-Looks-Like-An-Eagle Park. (BullFrog)
5. The National Lawyer Monument - Admission: $200 an hour. (Cisko Kid)
4. The Fishburn home in Tampa, where Janet Reno authorized her first illegal raid for a mattress tag violation. (lefty)
3. Monument commemorating America's "Oldest" profession. Tour takes 15 minutes and costs $65.00. (rocketman)
2. The Memorial to Other Memorials That Have Been Destroyed in Disaster Movies. (Chimerasame)
1. Tomb of the Unknown Comic. (Uncle Yoohoo)

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