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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Summer Blockbusters to Look Forward to

10. The Matrix II: Matrix Algebra (dtrane)
9. Monica and Bill's Excellent Adventure (Betty Curry)
8. For the Love of Blubby: A story of a fish suffering from terminal gill cancer (theopholis)
7. The Making of the Making of 'Titanic' (thumbelina)
6. Jurassic Armageddon Volcano: Godzilla's Deep Independence Day Impact (Adam the Great)
5. Speed 3 - Sandra Bullock lands a crippled Space Shuttle in Dodger Stadium parking lot (lefty)
4. Sleepless Runaway Mail Bride in Notting Hill (lefty)
3. Being Bill Clinton (IOIO)
2. The Many Deaths of Jar Jar Binks (an independent film) (theopholis)
1. Elian: the musical! (marimba mama)

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