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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things To Do With 100,000 Burnt Acres Of Forest

(submitted by Topher)

10. Make ash sculptures of your favorite characters from "The Hobbit." (theopholis)
9. Plant pantouffela trees in memory of Dr.Seuss (BloodBond)
8. Go back to find the can of lighter fluid you left after toasting your marshmellows. (Austenation)
7. Rent it out to the organizers of Woodstock 2000: Saves the fans the trouble of torching it themselves! (GoCubs)
6. Watch Smokey cry. (Smilee :))
5. Package the ashes and pass them off as souveniers. ((NAL), inthedark, starWill, NAL)
4. Make the world's biggest smore. (GC3, animal!!!!!, Earl 'n Edna)
3. Put a telephone booth in the middle of it so people from all over the world will call it. (Bee)
2. Rebuild your charred National Atomic Weapons Lab. (JDaii)
1. Start burning it to really, really make sure no more fires happen. (TheRob)

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