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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Facts about the Space Shuttle

10. It comes with a 5 year / 5 space flight limited warranty and action cutouts of Cap'n Kirk and Mr. Spock (rottenluckwillie)
9. Between missions, the shuttles serve as delivery vehicles for NASA's highly profitable "speedy pizza delivery service." (inthedark)
8. Yugo submitted the lowest bid for construction, but NASA wisely decided to go with the second lowest bid instead. (JDAii)
7. For just 10,000,000,000,000 comics, Bazoka Joe will send you your very own! (NESter)
6. It took 27,000 tubes of model cement to get the thing together. (Cisko Kid)
5. It takes 1,000,000 hamsters to make it fly. (rorschak)
4. Between flights, NASA security personnel install the 'Club' to prevent theft. (Ackhack)
3. The hidden room with the Zero-G Dancers (Smilee :))
2. Its heat shielding, propulsion, and computer systems were all invented by Vice President Al Gore at about the same time he invented the internet. (jordon!)
1. Better gas mileage than an SUV (

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