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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Rejected Olympics 2000 Slogans

10. Your athletic supporter for the next century (2cool4u)
9. New Millennium, New Scandals! (rottenluckwillie)
8. Guaranteed to suck less than Nagano (Erotic Frank)
7. Got rings? (Bloodbond)
6. The Grandeur, the Splendor, the Corporate Endorsements (Warlok)
5. As seen on 60 Minutes (Faux Pas)
4. If you dont watch.... then maybe next time there won't be anymore Olympics (DA maNA)
3. Sydney: Austrailian for Hot Sweaty Athletes (Christy Michelle)
2. Now with 10% more inspring stories of athletes overcoming adversity to capture olympic gold
1. C'mon, this cost us a lot of money (BIG NASTY)

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