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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Ways to Keep Cool this Summer

10. Store your clean laundry in the freezer. (starWill)
9. Wear long johns through the entire month of july, then take them off in August and you won't believe how cool you feel. (river)
8. Do the cinema multiplex shuffle. (DaveA)
7. Disguise yourself as a slaughtered cow. (TLVMAN)
6. Form historical recreation group. Re-enact the Titanic twice daily. (DaveA)
5. Ever notice that earthworms are always cool? Just have yourself buried in the backyard. (JDAii)
4. Tell your girlfriend how hot you think Britney Spears is. (dink )
3. Marry an eskimo; divorce her; and fight for her igloo in the settlement. (TLVMAN)
2. Just tell everyone you're reenacting "The Emperor's New Clothes." (Handey Girl)
1. Rent walrus costume; enjoy the free food and lounge poolside at Seaworld with real live sea mammals. (DaveA)

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