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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Questions Parents Don't Want to Hear

(submitted by Jen)

10. Can I borrow your bong? (Laffman)
9. The guy on the phone wanted your VISA card number, but I could only find your MASTERCARD - is that ok? (al)
8. Mommy what happens when you flush car keys down the toilet? (nibor)
7. Uh, mom, do we have a fire extinguisher? (The Sponz)
6. How do I get the cat out of the toilet? (inthedark)
5. How much does it cost to replace an engine? (Laffman)
4. Mommy, why do you have this space ship in your dresser? **BBBZZZZZZ** (Mega Vibratron 2000 To infinity and Beyond!!!)
3. Mom, is it true crystal meth makes your ass bigger? (Noah)
2. Dad you know how to fix a car window dont you? (loudmouth)
1. So, exactly which drugs was I supposed to stay away from? (Warlok)

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