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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Ross Perot Isn't Running for President

(submitted by rottenluckwillie )

10. Each of his ears is running for the senate. (DA maNA)
9. He was concerned by the "Giant Sucking Sound" coming from the Oval Office. (jayj)
8. His TV specials would have to air opposite of Survivor. (DA maNA)
7. Why should he bother when his party can now run such a likable, multi-demographically popular candidate like Pat Buchanan? (The Radical Moderate)
6. They're still filming "The Lord Of The Rings" and he's Bilbo. (GC3)
5. He found out that the President does not have the power to fire Congress. (thx1138)
4. He's not as funny as Al Gore. (Maniac Bob)
3. "Because running for president is like a horse... if you give the horse peanut butter he'll chew on it and it looks like he's talkin'..." (heather rhys meyers)
2. Little-know Republican-sponsered bill called the "Campaign Ear Reformation Act" was passed greatly limiting the size of a candidate's ears. (One Tough Lawyer)
1. His pie-chart software was destroyed by the ILOVEYOU virus. (Bob Clemmons)

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