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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Little Known Facts About Thomas Edison

(submitted by Slowpoke )

10. He invented the phonograph so he could pirate Metallica mp3s. (DA maNA)
9. The lightbulb was actually invented by Al Gore. (Uncle Yoohoo)
8. During his life he was more famous for writing hilarious top ten lists. (Funny Man)
7. His finding that "Genius is ninety-nine percent perspiration and one percent inspiration" inspired him to invent the first combination deodorant/antiperspirant. (starWill (Quote: true. Invention: invented), dtrane)
6. In the constant quest to better Alexander Graham Bell, he invented a working cell phone, but the 40 lb battery made it impractical. (lefty)
5. His poorly-selling line of men's underwear called "tommy's secret" (heather rhys meyers)
4. He invented the BetaMax, but kept it quiet. Even he knew it was a bad idea. (jayj)
3. After inventing the phonograph the first record he played was "I'm Too Sexy," by Right Said Fred . (Strangeguitar)
2. He invented the answer to the riddle "How many idiots does it take to screw in a lightbulb?" (What the DILLY-O?!)
1. He never really cared for either Bill or Ted. (Damian M. Armand Esquire)

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