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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things Overheard Behind the Security Desk at Los Alamos National Lab

10. "Hello, psychic friend? Yeah, I seem to have misplaced something and hoping you can help me find it." (Laffman)
9. "Has anyone seen my Vivarin?"
8. "Hey, get this. While those Chinese food delivery boys were looking at the copier I stole their fortune cookies!" (One Tough Con)
7. "I focused the surveillance cameras on the refigerator so I can see who's been swiping my meatloaf sandwiches." (lefty)
6. "How can we get Leno to do a bunch of really stupid jokes about us?" (DK)
5. "Security? I thought I was working in the typing pool." (RLV007)
4. "Hey, Bert, I just got an email from someone who loves me! C'mon over so we can have a look." (Laffman)
3. "Would you like fries with that hard drive?" (inthedark)
2. "How am I supposed to play Solitaire with all this crap on the hard drive?" (al)
1. "Man, if we ever lost something like that back when I worked at the Kremlin, they'd have our heads!" (Fluff)

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