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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Effects of a Microsoft Breakup

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10. Both halves will merge with AOL-Time-Warner. (Uncle Yoohoo)
9. Due to the gloomy weather in Seattle and the company break up, suicide rates in Microsoft middle management will skyrocket. (JDAii)
8. Bill Gates will be forced to reveal his discovery of artificial intelligence by revealing the CEO of the other company, BGates5.1. (dtrane)
7. One company get Minesweeper; the other gets Solitaire. (dtrane)
6. Infuriated, Bill Gates sheds his calm cool exterior and turns into the Hulk, avenging his companies breakup. (StarSaros)
5. After you install Microsoft Breakup Service Pack 3, you'll hardly notice the difference. (Maniac Bob)
4. Bill Gates will make even more money suing what he tenderly calls "The Left Brain." (Boom Oy!)
3. Eternal customer service loop as each branch blames the others for your problems and transfers you (rorschak)
2. The triumphant return of Atari! (GC3, Dee Tease)
1. The never-ending custody battles for the Microsoft Paperclip. (What the DILLY-O?!)

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