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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs God Isn't Happy with You

(submitted by Bloodbond)

10. Your multi-billion dollar software company was broken up by the US government. (Polandspride!, dtrane)
9. Penance for your sins involves finding a cure for cancer and getting rid of all your old Cheech and Chong tapes. (JAT)
8. Your laundry list of medical problems includes "uncontrollable festering boils" and "turned into a pillar of salt." (inthedark)
7. You thought that, like in school, obeying 70% of those Commandments would still get you a passing grade. (dtrane)
6. E-mails arriving with attatchments; lightening bolts, sandstorms, locusts and such. (Austenation)
5. Your prayers are answered with "What did you say again?" (Walter)
4. Your car is crushed by what authorities can only describe as "a giant, unidentified finger." (DK)
3. NO matter how hard they try, the Fire Department can't put out the burning bush in your backyard. (JDAii)
2. No matter which check-out line you pick at the grocery store, all the others always go faster. (Sweet potata pie!)
1. Where did your oldest son go? (ArtistFormerlyKnownAsPrincess)

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