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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Bat Boys' Top Ten Most Common Mistakes

10. Telling Sammy Sosa that his stats aren't important as long as the team wins. (GC3)
9. "Hey battabattabattabatta SWwwwING batta." (Bob Clemmons)
8. Succumbing to the overwhelming urge to lick off the pine tar (HotMamaJ)
7. Giving the umpire bookie slips instead of the lineup card (GC3)
6. Failing to duck when Chuck Knoblach throws to first (al)
5. Repeatedly getting beamed in the head while their gazes keep drifting to that cute little ball girl (heather rhys meyers)
4. Tring to convince Tony Gwynn to give the Whiffle Bat a chance (HotMamaJ)
3. Forgetting to put his head on the end of the bat and walk around it in circles three times before carrying it out to the batter (Laffman)
2. Looking directly into the faces of the overpaid, highly talented .200 hitters (GoCubs)
1. Beating the manager to the field to argue a close play at third (HotMamaJ)

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