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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Sadam Hussein's Top Ten New Secret Weapons

(submitted by Frost)

10. An even longer stick that's even more pointy on the end (Laffman)
9. Al Gore and George W. Bush (Geoduck)
8. The new stealth high altitude flying carpet (polaroid)
7. A highly explosive cuban cigar specially ordered for Mr. Clinton. ((NAL), Zuhaltermeister)
6. A huge banana cream pie the exact size of the Pentagon (Ilsoap)
5. "Baghdad Horse" virus which permanently sets your keyboard's language property to Arabic (HotMamaJ)
4. Sodium pentathol mixed into every Big Gulp Slurpee his US operatives sell (Warlok)
3. The Philadelphia Police Department (Fluff)
2. The gas created by the Taco Bell chihuahua (GC3)
1. 365 new episodes of Big Brother (fat boy slim)

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