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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten New Jobs for Boris Yeltsin

(submitted by rorschak )

10. Psycho, but lovable, next-door neighbor on wacky Friday evening sit-com (Warlok)
9. Boris' Interactive Top Ten List (Jul)
8. An evil James Bond nemesis (Frung)
7. Lead Singer for Van Halen (7-Iron & Bob)
6. Walmart Greeter (Shazam!)
5. White House garden gnome (Billy Boy)
4. The lower left square in "Hollywood Squares" (Uncle Yoohoo)
3. Guest appearances in "Old Navy" commercials. (Jen)
2. New York State Senator (El Barton)
1. Author of "Ruling Russia for Complete Dummies" (kevsback)

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