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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Cows Moo

(submitted by milk)

10. If they barked, they'd be expected to fetch your slippers. (TBeeber)
9. If they said "Boo," they'd scare the heck out of the little kids. (Slowpoke)
8. Instinctive desire to communicate with foghorns (theopholis)
7. They used to do Shakespere but lost the script. (a.r.s.)
6. It's just their way of laughing at the silly quacking noises the ducks make. (Pete the FreakBoy)
5. They are actually trying to say "eat more pork" but their tongues don't work that way. (got milk?)
4. To see if those stupid tourist will moo back at them (nathan)
3. It diverts attention from all the farting. (greiffchild)
2. Hansen took the "um bop" thing, so the cows had to stick with "moo." ((NAL))
1. It only sounds like moo. It's actually a moan from the farmer's cold hands during the morning milking. (Warlok, Old McDonald, srp, JeffNMadsDad, Silvercup, Norm Shelton, Enchilada YaYa, BBTocino, The blizzard Hedgehog, Elfflame, heather rhys meyers, Justin long shanks, jon and tara, lefty, no mechanical milkers for me!)

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