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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Real Reasons the Chinese Built the Great Wall

(submitted by Light Warrior)

10. Started as a college hazing stunt in Mongolia (JC Baxter)
9. Ancient philosophers foresaw the coming of Britney Spears. (Slowpoke)
8. The Chinese inventor of the skateboard needed something to "shread" on. (Demolition Man)
7. It's really a big, huge zipper that holds two tectonic plates together. Apparently, they were having chronic earthquakes. (Good Ol' HorseFace)
6. They were planning on building the worlds biggest subdivision. (DA maNA)
5. Insomnia is a scary affliction. (A Chinese man.)
4. It all started when the Emperor's Wife saw this fabulous 2-for-1 sale on wallpaper. (Ilsoap)
3. They really planned on just having a pretty good wall, but you know how these home hobby projects tend to grow. (Waldo)
2. What else would you do with 8,234,376,665 rocks? (detector)
1. Chinese? Every one knows Al Gore built the Great Wall! (One Tough Sucker)

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