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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Dogs Don't Like the Mailman

(submitted by Mr. Bubble )

10. Still bitter about the day he brought the rejection letter from Yale (Flapjack)
9. He tastes like chicken. (Cisko Kid, MEGA, DArmand, cubby96, K-Dog, carrie)
8. He is the one who always brings the neighbors bill for the $500 lilies they chew up. (Trevlyn13)
7. He's continually delivering promotional offers from the vet for 25% off all neutering services. (Warlok)
6. He's formed an alliance with the cats to vote the dogs off the island. (StarSaros)
5. The mail carriers are the unfortunate middlemen in an ongoing dispute between Publishers' Clearing House and Canine Union #163 over Ed McMahon's failure to award a single prize to a dog in the history of the sweepstakes. (inthedark)
4. They never bring their copy of "Better Doghouses and Hydrants." (Smilee :))
3. Because "mailman" backwords sounds like "nab my limb" (Topher)
2. Well he never keeps the relationship fresh anymore. It's always "hi nice doggie" never "gee I think that collar looks particularly slimming on you today." (Bloodbond)
1. Seriously, is there anyone (besides my ex wife) who likes the mailman? (William-Wallace)

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