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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Things the Castaways on Survivor Really Spend Their Time Doing

(submitted by Christy Michelle)

10. Long walks on the beach, short walks on the beach, and other activities that were beach related (theopholis)
9. Harvesting the hidden Lasagna Tree (Erotic Frank)
8. Trying to get the camera guy who wants to shoot bathroom scenes voted off the island (help007)
7. Crank calling PETA to ask if red wine or white wine goes better with freshly bludgeoned rat (theopholis)
6. Well if you look on the north side of the island you'll notice a really really big sandcastle. (DA maNA)
5. Posing the question, "If you were stranded in a big city, what three CDs would you bring with you?" (Gator is watching.)
4. Peddling the bamboo bicycle-generator so they can follow the Presidential campaign on the radio (Ruby)
3. Plotting ways to catch the host and fry him for dinner (Evan B.)
2. Getting their hair and make-up done in the new "just washed up on the beach" look (Jungle Jane)
1. Talking on their cell phone to schedule guest appearances and magazine covers (DA maNA)

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