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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Wyoming's Top Ten Secrets

(submitted by The Radical Moderate)

10. Huge state budget surplus earmarked to get the 2012 Olympics to Laramie (HotMamaJ)
9. Main supplier of sharp pointy sticks to Saddam Hussein (Laffman)
8. Old Faithful is the excess hot air piped from Washington (Tarzan)
7. Underneath all of its raw beauty and sheer majesty it's really just a barren wasteland filled with antelope and snow. (kk)
6. The buffaloes tourists love to see are really ex-Disneyland employees in fur costumes. (Jungle Jane)
5. Home of the Top Secret Zone: Area 51 1/2 (Erotic Frank)
4. Wyoming was voted out of Montana for being so dull in the winter. (Dlarmand)
3. They know where all the cowboys have gone. (Uncle Yoohoo)
2. Every residaent is in the witness protection program. (GC3)
1. They were the ones to come up with the idea of a totally rectangular state. Colorado is just a big copycat. (Ilsoap)

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