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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Uses for Bubble Wrap

(submitted by changawanga)

10. Really loud socks (Uncle Yoohoo)
9. Football pads for a low-budget high school (What the DILLY-O?!)
8. You can paint the faces of the "Survivor" castaways on the bubbles and pop away. (GC3)
7. Useful to suffocate that annoying person that decides to pop all the bubbles. (JimmyH)
6. After popping, can be used as a holder for individual M&Ms (ardnax)
5. Oxygen supply for astronauts: just pop one at a time and you'll have hours of air. (Troz, Waldo)
4. Sound effects in low-budget civil war films (greta)
3. Injury free field surface for whiffle ball gameses (Thor)
2. If you're tired of your cat's false sense of security, put it in the litter box. (DA maNA, bombshell)
1. Dress your daughter in it when she goes on dates, then inform her boyfriend that she'd better not be popped when she gets home. (Thor)

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