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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Reasons Not to Watch the Olympics

10. When letting the kids of the world vote to choose their mascot, they all chose Pikachu. (What the DILLY-O?!)
9. The fifteen-day Dragnet marathon is on Nick at Nite. (HeathJ)
8. The olympic committee rejected the nude synchronized swimming proposal. (natedawg)
7. Men in spandex, need i say more? (punktart)
6. Chances of seeing someone get speared by a javelin: 138,678 to 1. (Ev)
5. Three words: championship ballroom dancing. (Ilsoap)
4. All the "Foster's" commercials get old quick. (duckgirl21)
3. Paul Hogan lighting the torch with a flaming boomerang and setting fire to the Canadian gymnastics team on the return. (Thor)
2. To avoid hearing the announcers use the cheesy phrase "G'day mate from down under" that you know they are going to use in excess of 1,000 times daily. (Evan B.)
1. Due to the time zones, the only thing on will be air rifles and syncronized 100m hurdles. (Erotic Frank)

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