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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs It Is Football Season

(submitted by HeathJ)

10. Crime in Dallas is down 15%. because the criminals are on the field. (Spinboy, Ev)
9. Price of "" stock just jumped 400%. (kyl, zimbo)
8. Evening church service is moved to the pastor's house and is now called "Half-time with the Big Guy." (BBTocino)
7. The sky in Wisconsin takes on a yellow hue as the sunlight reflects off the cheese head hats. (DJ)
6. Sports Illustrated starts hyping a "Genuine Pigskin Phone" free to new subscribers. (Laffman)
5. Sales of Lazee Boys, Bud, and Cheetos account for 75% of GDP. (JimmyH)
4. There's a naked man in your front yard covered in green and yellow paint holding a TV and screaming. It's your husband. (ArtistFormerlyKnownAsPrincess)
3. Much more creative advertising spots, designed for the sophisticated NFL viewers (Earl n Edna)
2. You spike your overhead slides after a successful presentation. (Dan)
1. Men are unashamed to hug each other without their shirts on. (natedawg)

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