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Christian's and Scott's Interactive Top Ten List

Top Ten Signs You May Have Picked the Wrong Airline

(submitted by detectorbill)

10. Your seat assignment is in the overhead compartment. (TBeeber)
9. The captain announces: "Right now, we're cruising at an altitude of about twelve feet." (Flapjack)
8. The planes all have the ghetto fabulous hydraulics on the landing gear. (DK)
7. The stewardess informs you that they need to change your seat in order to 'even out the fat guys'. (El Barton)
6. The pilot locked his keys in the cockpit. (Gator!)
5. The seats have springs hanging out of them but there is a 22 inch subwoofer in the back. (MC Serpent Child)
4. There are curb feelers on the wingtips. (DJ)
3. The top ingredient written on the complimentary bag of peanuts is fish. (Ilsoap)
2. They just announced their "screaming children fly free" program. (Faux Pas)
1. Engine #4 refuses to obey the no smoking light. (DJ)

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